Reader Question:

i am writing on the behalf of my pal Sab, who is in a long-distance connection. We have been extremely supporting to one another and all of our friendship is important to you.

The lady he or she is online dating site for bisexual needs that friendship has ended. I am very concerned with the woman intentions. My friend is during their seventies and is vulnerable. I do want to free him from any future problems.

How come she want really to have you of Sab’s existence?

-Joanna (Nj)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

Dear Joanna,

Plainly his gf feels threatened by the friendship along with her man. Long-distance connections are specifically fragile because really these include part-time commitments that could create permanency or not.

My advice is always to engage the girl in a relationship with you thus she will see you have actually obvious boundaries. The very next time she is in the city, variety the two of them for lunch. Maybe invite another male friend so she will see you have additional male friends also.

The single thing that makes a warning sign rise for my situation is the fact you probably didn’t let me know concerning your real feelings on her behalf man.

When you have powerful emotions for him and therefore are sitting on the sidelines, I think it’s your own ethical obligation to excuse yourself from the relationship.

While he has emotions obtainable, besides platonic relationship, he then may be sending the girl involuntary indicators about those thoughts.

It is advisable to sort out all of the feelings here to sound right of the triangle.

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